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Our Process

We have a very simple, user friendly process to go from inception to creation for our clients. We drive the entire process so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride!

Step 1

The idea.

This is the most important step in the whole process. You, the client, come up with the root idea. It could be a basic website for your business, a logo creation, or a very large complex web presence with a huge online store, it all starts at ground 0.

Step 2

The consultation.

Now that you have the basic idea, it's time for us to put it in writing. Contact us to setup a meeting, either in person or on the phone, for one of our expert consultants to speak to you about your ideas. We have processes designed in house to help drive the consultation in the right direction. We understand that our clients time is important so we waste no time in our meetings. After the consultation we will have a good idea of what your wants and needs are and how to accomplish your goals.

After the consultation our design team meets with the marketing consultant to create a custom estimate for you.

Step 3

The plan.

After you review the estimate and it's approved by an authorized member of your organization, our design team works with the consultation report to build a design plan. This plan is flexible and can be modified by your team to make sure it fits your goals. After the final version of the design plan is approved, a payment plan must be selected. Unique to us is our many flexible payment plans which make getting an online presence even easier for your business! After the payment plan is agreed upon, the project is moved to the design phase.

Step 4

The design.

This is where the idea starts to become real. After all of the previous steps, we start to actually put pen to paper (or hands to keyboards) and make it a reality.

Designs can be changed throughout the process as outlined in your design contract. Each version will seek approval until we reach final approval. Then we move into the post-project phase.

Post Project

The after.

After the final design is approved and launched or the "go live" date has been reached we go into the after project phase. This includes maintenance agreements, website hosting, and domain management.

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