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Aside from providing expert level service, we also standout from the competition in our billing practices.

In today's market, an online presence is a must have to every business. We believe bringing that mandatory dimension of marketing is so important that we offer a unique billing structure to fit every business's needs!

How are we different? Websites and hosting services can be an expensive part of a business's marketing plan and that's okay! A website is your business's online profile and the effect of visiting a website can be the same as if a customer walked into your building!

We offer businesses multiple options to allow them to get a great spot on the web without breaking the bank!

≡How most companies do it

Most web services companies want half of the total cost upfront, before they even being the planning steps! Then, after the design period they want the other half of the total cost before they will allow your website to "go live". This means they hold your website hostage until you pay the full amount!

≡How we do it

We offer many different payment options, all of which can be custom tailored for your project and budgetary needs.

This includes:

  • Traditional payment method
  • Flexible payment method with monthly payments
  • Fixed payment method with annual contract and monthly payments

An example of what we offer:

Taking the total price of a project and dividing it over 12 months of even payments. This allows you to get a website ASAP and not worry about paying large amounts of money to get it!

Don't wait, contact us today to get the ball rolling!

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We accept all major forms of payment including credit card, check, and PayPal.


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